I started this site because I love pinball, and I love designing things. So, Love of Pinball + Love of Design = Awesomeness, right? See, the thing is, there are already a few other websites out there dedicated to creating custom pinball card designs (and they're all pretty great!), but I felt like I had a different design aesthetic to bring to the table. Plus, I felt like things could be even more custom, especially for home arcades... So that's why I'm here!


As for me?... My name's Chad Sugg. I'm a pretty creative person - if you do some Google-ing, you'll see I'm a singer-songwriter / YouTuber / father / poet / nerd / Pinsider / account executive for a screen-printing company / the list goes on. I just really like making something from nothing, and also just diving deeper into sharing the things I love to do with the people around me. And if you really want, you can just dive into all of that over on my other site: chadsugg.com.


Man, I didn't get into pinball until a couple of years ago - around 2013 - (I know, I know, I'm late to the game), but when I did it was pretty phenomenal. Within 6 months I had bought my first pin (Data East: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and I played that sucker for hours every day and loved it. A few months after that, I became a father, and had to sell my pinball machine. It was bittersweet, but I love being a dad, and I made the promise to myself that someday I would have a room full of pinball machines. That day is still far away, as money and time don't magically appear from mid-air (if you find a way around this fact, let me know!), but this site allows me to keep my passion for pinball alive and well when I'm not able to travel to my closest arcade


When I first had the idea for this whole site, I was trying to come up with a potential name. Eventually "Pinball Boy" popped in my head (I was picturing a little super hero like character derived from a pinball) and it just kind of stuck. This may sound a bit lame, but playing pinball quite literally does make me feel like a kid, so I dunno, to me it just kind of fits! Plus, it's a lot shorter and to the point, than say "Chad's Custom Pinball Cards". Lastly, if the site grows like I'm planning, it won't be just for pinball cards, but much more custom pinball stuff as well - so the name PinballBoy.com lets this whole idea grow into something bigger than itself... well, you know, hopefully.