Well, I'm wrapping up another day of being totally surprised by the amount of you stopping by the site so far - thanks! Today I got a few more requests finished, Metallica (Pro), and Robocop (two versions), and things are still rolling along. I'm pretty glad to see the VIEW ALL CARDS page looking less pitiful in the numbers game now.

Anyway, the real point of this post is to let any who care know that I do have a day job (and a two year old), so I stay pretty busy during the day... So, if you're wondering when I'll usually update with new designs during weekdays, it'll usually be in the evenings. And I plan on adding new designs daily for the foreseeable future. So if you're a night owl, like me, feel free to stop by during the wee small hours of the morning (Hey! I'm listening to Frank Sinatra right now - see what I did there!?)... or if you're a morning coffee and surf the web kinda person, there's a good bet there'll be new designs waiting for ya. Oh, and weekends are free rein - I'll hopefully update a lot throughout the entire day then.

Lastly, like I've mentioned, this site will eventually be more than just rule/instruction cards. Those are the main purpose, but I do have some cool stuff planned for down the road that I haven't seen anyone else doing... I mean, come on, I am a designer and I work for a merch/screen-printing company - how could I not try and make some cool stuff happen??

Anyway, I'll set you all free into the night now. I'm off to turn into a proverbial potato whilst I watch some MST3K!

Until next time,