Hey all,

Wanted to share a quick update to a somewhat small (but very user-friendly) change to the navigation of the site... If you have a look at the Rule Cards link, instead of just going to the "New Rule Cards" page, it now has a fancy little drop down menu that can take you to the following: New Cards!, Browse, Most Popular, View All Cards. I figured this was much easier then having to click on the Rule Cards link, then click on View All Cards at the bottom of that page... Plus I thought having the brand new Browse and Most Popular pages would be a good way to round out all the ways people can discover new cards for their machines.

I've also added a new page that is still somewhat of a work in progress. Under the Info link, you'll now see a page called "Printing Help". My goal is to eventually make this page a source for fixing any printing errors you may come across.

Until next time,