Hello everyone,

Welcome to the official, not messing around, here to stay, launch of Pinball Boy! At first glance it may not look like much has changed, but trust me, a LOT has... For those who don't feel like reading, I'll just make a list real quick of all the new features for PB's real launch. Without further ado, here's what's new:

  • The Official Shop! - This is the biggest brand new addition. Please please feel free to visit the shop and see the first set of products available. I've worked tirelessly to bring some new items maybe not seen often for pinball (and some of your average usual items too), and though it's a small start, I'm pretty excited about it!
  • Vastly Improved Rule Card Pages/Features - Each set of rule cards now has a brand new download page that looks almost identical, but has SEVERAL big new features: Blank card downloads, 4x6 card downloads, and Pricing Cards!
    (I should note: All new card sets posted will automatically have all these new features. For all sets I've already posted, it will take some extra time, but these will all include the new features soon as well. - There's a LOT of extra background work I have to do to make 3 completely different downloads available for each one).
  • Pricing Cards - Aside from the shop, this is probably the 2nd biggest new feature by far. There's still a lot to add, but eventually this is planned to be a feature that will allow arcade owners/operators to customize my cards with the exact pricing they need without having to sacrifice limited apron space to big ugly prices with no love for the art!
  • Higher Quality Downloads - All new card downloads are now even higher quality - via .PNG files
  • Streamlined Home Page - Now that the site is a bit more familiar, I've slimmed the home page down to just include the stuff people look at the most, all in one place.
  • Social - Pinball Boy social media pages are all live (Feel free to go follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!) Oh, and there just might be some incentive to actually follow if you go check them out, too ;)

    Phew... Not too shabby for a site that didn't even exist two months ago, right? I hope you all are excited about the new features. It took a LOT to make this all happen, but I've seriously had a blast since starting the site, and plan to continue allowing it to grow.

One last thing I'm excited to share is that getting these new features ready took up a ton of my extra time, so my new rule card postings slowed down over the past couple of weeks. Well, now I'll be able to get back to pumping out several new designs for each release day (Tuesdays & Saturdays)!

Until Next Time,