Since launching the site, many have noticed how I have been blasting new designs out. I've released at least one new card set a day for the past 30 days (and for most of those days I've been releasing upwards of 3 or 4 new sets). Seriously, there have only been 3 days where I didn't release a new set in that time, yay!... Well, don't get too scared, but to get ready for the official launch, it's time for a change! *shudders*

Instead of releasing new designs daily (that's just not a good format - it's messy, it's (sort of) stressful, and there's no lead up!), I'll now have TWO release days per week. So, from here on out, every TUESDAY and SATURDAY, I'll release a new batch of rule card sets! 

This is a good thing for everyone. Now you'll be able to drop by the site during the week, or weekend (or both!), and check out a whole group of new designs from different eras, instead of just checking by real quick daily only to see I did a new design you weren't waiting for.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!
- Chad

P.S. - The site is officially one month old today! Happy one month anniversary to... me?!