I've spoken about it on Pinside, but for those coming to the site from elsewhere I thought I'd share that for many titles, I'll be making several different versions of cards. Off the top of my head, here's the list I have planned that will have different featured versions:

  • Monster Bash (one for each Monster)
  • The Star Wars Trilogy (one for each original trilogy film)
  • KISS (one for each band member)
  • The Walking Dead (one for each popular character - plus a comic book version)

It'll take time for me to get different versions of a set up, because I'd like to grow my title list mainly first... But eventually I plan to have literally several different awesome versions for each title for you to choose from.

And I know I've said this in each post so far, but thanks to those of you visiting the site. Working on the site/designs each day has instantaneously become one of my favorite parts of my day. Feels so good to be finally giving back to the pinball community!

Until next time,