Okay, this has now happened twice with machines from the pre-2000s era... See, when I'm designing, I choose card sizing from an excellent list that someone compiled for a large group of pinball machines from all eras. The thing I'm finding though, is while it is a great list, I don't believe it's 100% correct 100% of the time.

Anyway, I believe I've found the correct sizing for this certain era of pins that this issue popped up in (so hopefully we can avoid any errors from here on out). However, if you ever go to print a set of cards, and they don't fit right (they're noticeably too small, or too big)... Please feel free to get in touch and let me know! My goal here is not only nicely designed rule cards, but also making sure they look good on your machines! I don't want you having to use cards of mine that need a 1/4 inch white border around them to fit, or vice versa.

And like I said, this has only happened a couple of times, and I've completely switched out new correct design sizes asap both times. Also, it's only happened on older pins (where info isn't necessarily super-abundant around the web anyway). So with newer pins, you won't have to worry, but if you ever print off a set for a classy retro pin of yours and things are a bit off - let me know! I'm very very glad to make sure these cards are as perfect as possible for you and everyone else.

Until next time,

P.S. - For anyone wondering, the two sets this happened on where Bally - Dr. Dude, and Who Dunnit? - So if you printed them and wondered if they seemed a little off, you were right! Both have been fixed with new correct sizing!