My new card set designs (very temporarily) slowed down a tiny bit over the past few days, but that's simply because I've been working extra on moving closer to the eventual real/complete version of That being said, it's time to start unveiling some goods for what this "official launch" holds for Pinball Boy! First off, I'm excited to share the official logo: so let's get right to it!... (the new logo can be seen at the top of the site!!!)

You may be wondering, "Why the heck do you need a NEW logo when you just started the site!?!"... Well, in all honesty, I liked the original PB "logo", but it was just a placeholder - I made it in about 10 minutes. It was too small, off-center, and the name of the site wasn't even the focus of the design. So really, it was just never actually meant to be what people identified with when they came to the site. The overall idea was there, but the execution was not what I wanted to be the final product.

Anyway, I know, it's just a logo, who cares? But really, this little logo will help push the eventual full version of this site and ideas of what I plan to bring to you all one step closer to reality. Plus, from my standpoint as a designer, logos are kinda fun and they tie a whole "brand/idea" together. The new logo will go live on the site today, and on card designs moving forward (the card designs feature a nice little ".com" addition so people know where they can grab the cards).

And so it's known, I'm currently eyeing a few options in late-February for the real launch. Honestly, I'd still call the entire site the "beta" version right now. The other big feature of the site is something I'm working tirelessly on to make awesome!

Until next time,