Okay, OF COURSE I had to title this with a Dark Knight quote since that's the latest design I posted. You may notice some changes around here today... I've officially begun re-modeling for the official site launch! For starters, you'll notice what will eventually be the biggest change/addition to the site: the SHOP link! It's nothing but a "coming soon" page at the moment, but eventually it will be great, I promise.

Also, you'll see some things have moved/changed:

  • News - the Blog page has been re-named the "News" page. Same purpose (for now), different name.
  • Donate - Another big change, is the phasing down of the donation page. Donations will ALWAYS be very welcome here, especially until I get the shop open (I'll have a whole post explaining this down the road)... but long story short, hopefully the Shop will eventually make the Donation page not as necessary!
  • Email - I have a shiny new email for you to get in touch at: chad@pinballboy.com - ahh, that's much better than the previous one!

Until next time,